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Nanny has flown the coop

Has your childcare provider gone MIA? Maybe you're wondering what went wrong? You probably thought you had a great relationship and then you got ghosted, and now you have commitment scares finding a new nanny.

Well let's try to prevent that "it's not you, it's me" line from your future childcare providers, so we can move on and start a new relationship.

So, what are some reasons your nanny flew the coup? As a nanny and childcare provider myself, I can offer you some ideas as to why your nanny has moved on.



Let's face it, money is the root of all evil but it makes the world go around. It could be that your nanny needed a bigger payment for her expenses, and she felt you were unable to provide it, so she sought elsewhere.

Maybe she tried to explain her need for a raise and found no middle ground with you, so she left at the nearest opportunity.

Or maybe your family added on more responsibilities, needed additional childcare,or required less hours which all cause a change in payment.

Now I don't advise a sitter to be money hungry, but I believe in fairness and the art of negotiation. I know sometimes employers are incapable of providing more wages due to their own financial burdens, and in that situation I would recommend offering your nanny incentives such as some extra time off, discounts on things you have access to, or anything plausible you are able to provide.

Just keep in mind, if your employer decided to cut your pay, or refused to give you an earned raise, you might wander elsewhere as well.



I don't think I need to elaborate on this, but here I go. If someone yells at you, talks down to you, or belittles you in any way, I'm certain you will either think negatively of them or react accordingly. Being a nanny and childcare professional myself, I have witnessed many people talk to their nannies as if they are servants, or they disrespect their culture, or make tasteless remarks towards them, and I'll tell you what I tell my babies "NO THANK YOU". Even though your nanny is working for you, that does not mean she should be mistreated in any way, form or fashion by you, your family members or even the kids! Respect is earned, and anyone actively taking care of your children correctly, has already earned that right .



Burn out is real! After 4 years of working as a nanny for a family I absolutely loved , I decided to leave because I was mentally exhausted (I had been in childcare for 12 years by then ). Of course I was sad, and I missed my babies, but I owed it to myself and them to take a step back and breathe. One thing some people do not realize is that no matter how much a person may love working with children, it is a job that takes a tole on you mentally, physically, and emotionally. As a childcare professional, it is important to know when you are at your wits end, and as a parent it is important to understand where your nanny is mentally and to always listen to her.

It saddens me to hear stories about childcare providers that harm children because they lost their patience or couldn't handle it anymore, and had they taken time to step away or evaluate their mental state, some situations could have been avoided .

If a working professional like yourself needs a vacation from your 9-5 and daily routines, I can speak on behalf of all nannies and say we need time to recuperate as well



This is the most simple response I will give regarding this topic.

Sometimes the nanny is just not a good fit for the family! It wasn't you or her, you guys just didn't match or maybe she grew apart from the family. Either way, let it go. There are so many wonderful nannies available all around, and if you need help finding one totsandgiggles will be happy to assist.

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