Happy Family
Tots and Giggles has been great for on the spot babysitting! Only babysitter where I can come home and not need to worry about still putting the kids to bed or cleaning up their mess. If you think these babysitters are like "substitute teachers" and your kids have a free day to play, this ain't that! Always my first choice for long date nights or events! Try them out
-Bunmi Adeboje

About Us

Nope, we are not just another childcare company, we are a group of sitters, childcare professionals, and parents who care about your kids because they are our kids too.

Our company is centered around three P's. Being polite, professional, and prompt, and  our goal is to provide reliable childcare for all our families both in Chicago and the surrounding areas.


In addition to our childcare services, we also provide children entertainment, party favors and activities, character dress up, and event childcare.


Our goal is to always give you the best, that is why we are trusted as childcare professionals

Love of a nanny





Baby Sitters/Tutors

We have on call sitters for your last minute requests, recurring sitters and nannies for your usual schedule, and  tutors that will assist with educational needs.

Party Planners

Every child deserves a birthday party regardless of what's going on around them. That is why we have ensured that our staff takes proper safety precautions when decorating your child's event inside or outdoors, making sure to bring your vision to life

Event Childcare

Are you having an event with kids involved ? Are you in need of some ideas on how to keep the little ones entertained? Not only do we supply our own items for fun, but our sitters also orchestrate activities, and implement their own enthusiastic tactics to make your little ones happy at any function